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RuraLands offers finance and real estate consulting services geared towards making real estate capital cost self-liquidating. This model also can make the recovery of capital tied up in real estate both self-funding and self-liquidating, therefore not requiring the sale of the asset. Additionally, the methodology can be an excellent program to solve real estate property estate issues.

Consulting concepts for financing, which include project summary, loan request, budgets, and spreadsheets, are accomplished with a team of real estate professionals (RMIREA, LLC), and licensed securities specialists when needed as RMIREA or RuraLands does not offer or solicit to sell securities they only provide consulting for the funding model. Consulting fees are on a success basis with the exception of any travel expenses or legal expenses incurred by RMIREA.

Want to?

Reduce your out-of-pocket cash cost of real estate
Leverage your high equity property to expand
Create a hedge on development projects
Recover equity from real estate without selling
Solve an estate issue
Simply generate higher yields on capital

Call for details of the DSLS program.

We can make that ranch or farm purchase "Pay".

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